Friday, June 30, 2006

Punctuation 101

This week I received the copyedited manuscript of Brothers, and now I'm wondering if the local community college offers Punctuation 101. If not, I may have to sit in on my daughter's 4th grade class and suffer through DOL (daily oral language). I seem to do okay with the basics like periods and question marks, but commas, apostrophes, and hyphenated words can be very tricky. I have to confess, some of my pages look like road maps. And I'm supposed to be a writer! It must be that I'm using the creative side of my brain and those little dots and dashes just get in the way. Maybe I'm just humoring myself.

On a personal note: Thanks to Round Rock Animal Control, the vicious pitbull no longer lives next door! I no longer have to wield my trusty shovel and handmade spear when I go out to get the mail!

I must get back to work now, but stay tuned. My next blog entry will be about my brother's 50th birthday/body building competition.


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