Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Superior Gender

Had a great time with the 'rents over Easter Holiday. (Mom, FYI "'rents" is a hip yet endearing term for "parents.") Anyway, highlights were: 1) Seeing Jonny's new Maxima pull up into our driveway, making my Dorkmobile quite the eyesore 2) strolling along South Congress (Austin's answer to Greenwich Village) while listening to my dad quote the great Fox News conservative, Bill O'Reilly 3) watching my two six-foot-three gigantor sons get into a fist fight over who-bent-the-guitar-pick? 4) Having an in-depth conversation with my mother and my daughter, and coming to the conclusion that the female gender is quite superior to the male gender. Although, I must admit, my husband Ed grilled up some great filet minion and lamb chops on Easter Sunday, so I suppose we can tolerate the men as long as they know their place.

Now, it's back to Dylan Fontaine, who has a real advantage when you think about it, since I (a female) am his mouthpiece.


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