Sunday, April 30, 2006

The House of D

I've been a bit remiss blogging this past week, so I thought I'd drag myself away from cleaning bathrooms (yeah, right) and type a short note. One very cool thing about being a writer is that you can watch DVDs on the weekends and call it "work" instead of "vegging out on the sofa." Even if you see a bad flick you can analyze as to what went wrong with the characters, plot, pacing, etc.

Anyway, since there was no hope of Ed and I going out for dinner (for some reason our 16-yr-old son Jonny thinks it's way cooler to hang out with girls and go swimming in his friend's pool than baby-sit his little sister) and since I wasn't in the mood to see anything heavy or depressing, I rented Must Love Dogs for Friday night, and The House of D for Saturday night.

Must Love Dogs was exactly what I thought it would be - light, pointless-but-fun romantic comedy starring the very classy Diane Lane, but House of D blew me away. Set in NYC in 1973, it is an engaging, funny, powerful, expertly acted coming of age story. In fact, when I'm finished cleaning bathrooms I may just do a little "work" and watch it again.


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