Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Strange Thing About Texas

On days like this it's very tempting to either renew my Texas State Nursing License or, even worse, call the PTA Chairperson at my daughter's school and ask if they need any volunteers for Field Day. I'm stuck on this one scene where Dylan must confront his brother Randy about the huge bag of purple bud under the floorboards in their mother's art studio, but I can't seem to reach a cathartic moment. Frustrating.

Anyway, the good news is Jonny finally got his driver's license and drove himself to school this morning. Guess everything went well since there are no phone messages or police at my door. But the weird thing was that when I was filling out this enormous amount of paperwork Jonny needed to take with him to DPS, I noticed that on the list of items you can bring to use as ID was: a concealed handgun license. Just one of those strange things about Texas that I'll never get.


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