Monday, April 10, 2006

Blissful, Brainless Activities

Had a great time Saturday shopping on the drag with my daughter Liz. She's an English major at UT, and since her birthday is coming up very soon, I splurged and bought her a very cute swim-suit, shoes, blouse, and purse. We also sipped iced lattes at Starbucks, and ordered two plates of Greek chicken (yum) at Kirby Lane. Later that night I cuddled with Ed and watched The Kingdom of Heaven. It was no Gladiator, but still, Orlando Bloom was not bad.

Now I'm going to go over my revisions one last time, print out the manuscript and send it back to my lovely editor. Then for the next two days I will move on to blissful, brainless activities like cleaning the house, doing piles of laundry, washing my smelly dogs, and yes, I may even clean the Dorkmobile, although I'm not sure why. By the way, I have to say that Ed (master handyman) has successfully glued on the sideview mirror and so far it has not fallen off. I'm kissing duct tape goodbye.


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