Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Funny How Things Turn Around

Looking back on a couple of posts ago, I noticed how I'd mocked the State of Texas for having a concealed hand gun license as a form of ID for a driver's license. Well, after my neighbor's pitbull jumped the fence yesterday morning and almost killed Leo, my cute little poodle/terrier, I'm beginning to have some really aggressive thoughts, like wouldn't it be nice to own a gun and shoot the pitbull if he ever showed up on my property again? But no need to worry, after taking care of Leo (he's going to pull through) I took a a few deep breaths, called animal control, and they are taking care of things in a civilized manner. Still, a gun could come in handy one day, you never know.

Enough of that. I had a great time with my critique group last night - three very talented and serious writers - and got some really good feedback on Dylan Fontaine, my work in progress (WIP). So, as long as the kids don't interrupt, I'm hopefully going to get a few hours of writing in today. Tomorrow, lunch with Cyn. Can't wait!


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