Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Two Guardian Angels, and One Very Naughty Girl Scout

Well, besides being a very naughty blogger, let's see it's been how long...? I've become our troop's worst girl scout mom. Besides saying no to selling cookies this year, I have succumbed to buying a tray of sushi for tomorrow's cook-an-international-recipe day. It's pathetic, I know. I've come to the conclusion that I'm completely burnt out on motherhood. Plus, I write books. Hopefully that's a good excuse.

Anyway, that brings me to my next topic: guardian angels. (Sorry Vincent, I had to go with Raffael today.) My daughter, Liz, made it to Spain in one piece, but if it weren't for two guardian angels she'd still be stranded at the airport and possibly homeless. The first angel , an older Spanish gentleman, helped Liz out when she was unable to board a bus or take a taxi with her two Texas-sized suitcases. (Everything in Madrid is much, much smaller.) The second Angel, whose name happens to be Angel (think an-hel') helped her find a wonderful flat with a very sweet flatmate. So, all is well.

Oh, some wonderful news! I'm honored to announce that BROTHERS made the Texas Lone Star List!


At 9:58 PM , Blogger Don Tate II said...

Congratulations! I need to get my copy.


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