Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lying Around ... Thinking

Yes, it's true. That's what we writers have to do sometimes, especially if our WIP is, well, not working. Friday night, I asked my very supportive, very honest husband, Ed, to read a few chapters of my WIP. When he was finished he said, "Um, I like it but ..." Right away, I knew this was not a good thing. After all, I thought it was just fine. Quite good, in fact. "It's a little slow," he said. Okay, slow is definitely not a good thing, considering my WIP is a thriller.

My first reaction was, no, he's wrong, he's tired, he's in a bad mood, he wants to make me crazy. (I can totally understand how Vincent lost his mind.) But since I know Ed's instincts are generally right, I thought long and hard. And yes, it was slow. I realized I needed more tension in the first few chapters, more suspense, and guess what? After lying around thinking all day I came up with a solution. I think my story is going to be a lot stronger now. Thank you, Ed! xoxo


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