Friday, November 09, 2007

Preparing for a Meltdown

My daughter, Liz, is leaving for Spain on Tuesday. She's going to live in Madrid and teach English as a foreign language. I'll be driving her to the airport, and saying goodbye. Why, why does this have to be so hard? I mean, she's going to have the time of her life, right? It's just, well, she's my BFF, you know? I love her so much, and I'm going to miss her. I chose Vincent's cafe painting because it reminds me of Liz. I can just picture her sitting there, sipping coffee, enjoying her new life ... missing me, just a little.

The Texas Book Festival was a blast. I sat on two panels with some lovely and talented young adult authors. Panels are great because you don't have to prepare a speech, but they can be a little nerve-wracking. I mean, you never know what question is going to be thrown at you. For example, I was asked, "Motorcycle or Vespa?" To my chagrin, I didn't know what a Vespa was. (Come on people, I live in Round Rock! Ask me about a Hummer or a pick up truck!) Anyway, I was able to save myself with a little self-deprecating humor, and the rest of the evening went pretty well. Now, it's back to reality. Hard work, and a soon-to-be goodbye. :(


At 7:11 PM , Anonymous Liz in Ink said...

Deep breaths and big hugs...
Maybe you oughta get yourself a Vespa when Liz leaves. Keep yourself young... :)


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