Friday, August 22, 2008

Slumber Party!!!
Oh, I've been such a naughty blogger. Almost a month since my last post. Well, I thought I'd catch up a little on what I've been doing this past summer. On August 3rd the lovely teen librarians of Austin - Michelle and Allison (the two girls on either end) - invited Jenny Ziegler (Astros shirt) Cynthia Leitich Smith (she's the one taking the photo and let me tell you her purple satin PJs were to die for) and yours truly (Hook 'em Horns) to the Teen Slumber Fest. We had such a blast. Teens from the area came out for a visit. We painted our nails, played Truth or Dare (Michelle took a dare and had to make kissing noises. Honestly, I didn't realize how talented she was!) and the teens did passionate readings from our books. There were prizes galore. Thank you Michelle and Allison for a great time.

I also had the pleasure of visiting Gardner Betts Juvenile Dentention Center, and speaking with a group of wonderful girls. Devo Carpenter is the founder of the award winning Second Chance Books program at Gardner Betts and let me tell you she is one awesome lady. The girls were so receptive and so into reading. Thank you Devo!

The reviews for Dylan keep dribbling in and I recently got a really nice one from VOYA. Here's a quote:

"This coming-of-age story is compulsively readable ... Lurie creates such a sympathetic and engaging character that readers cannot help but become invested. Dylan's story has it all: humor, pathos, family struggles, and great characterizations and voice."