Thursday, March 27, 2008

One Busy, Crazy, Fun Week in Spain
I just got back from visiting my daughter Liz in Spain. I met my mom at Newark airport, and the two of us hopped a plane and flew into Madrid. It was so great to see Liz! After a couple of days there, we took the train to Barcelona where we wined, dined, walked along the beach, and saw the amazing architecture of Antoni Gaudi. Above is a photo of the roof of Casa Batllo. Below are a few more pics. But the best part of the trip was just being together with my mom and my daughter. Liz is teaching English as a foreign language, and we were able to visit her classroom and meet her students. What a great time.
When I returned, I was greeted with some happy news. Brothers, Boyfriends ... is a New York Public Library Book for the Teenage. Also, I got my first review for Dylan Fontaine - from Booklist. Here's a quote:

"...The strong first-person narrative opens in a Brooklyn police station, where Dylan, the family's "good boy," has landed after an uncharacteristic shoplifting incident, and over the following five months, he learns to take chances with his food, his art, and his relationships. The banter among Dylan, his brother, and their friends is believable without being obscene ... and the healthy doses of humor balance this well-crafted story of a family in pain and a boy's self-discovery."