Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I've Been Tagged

My lovely friend and fellow YA author, Cynthia Leitich Smith, has tagged me with a writing exercise: 5 little-known things about me. The rule is to also tag five other blogging writers, but she has already tagged the ones I know! Anyway, here we go:

1- When I was a kid I used to dress my pet Yorkie, Dino, in baby doll clothes, set him in the basket on my bicycle and ride all over Brooklyn. The poor thing was terrified, but I didn't seem to care.

2- During outdoor recess in Kindergarten one day I decided that I really didn't have to go back to class (I mean, really, why should I?) so when the teacher wasn't looking I skipped out. They found me hours later. My mother was somewhat horrified.

3- In nursing school when I gave my first injection, the needle went in one side of the man's arm and out the other. (He was very skinny.) My instructor calmly told me to withdraw the needle and try again. I did. I got it right the next time.

4- I was a redhead for two days.

5- I am a sucker for martial art flicks such as Crouching Tiger, House of the Flying Daggers, and Kill Bill.


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